Mistress Elena makes a guy put on a chastity device

Elena De Luca is your chastity trainer

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There is nothing sexy Mistress Elena De Luca will not do to make her slave learn a few lessons on how to be a good boy. This time, the big breasted chick decided to lock up his prick in a chastity cage.
Welcome to my dungeon. This is where you are going to be living from now on and spend your days waiting for me to pay some attention to you. If you thought that you were going to have some sexy fun here, think again. You are not going to have sex anymore since I am going to lock your dick in a tiny cage. You will have to beg and plead whenever you want to masturbate and it will be entirely up to my discretion.
If you ever get the opportunity to cum again, I am going to hold on to the key and you will not be able to have an erection or enjoy your boner in any way. When I do decide to let you out, it will be because of my pleasure and you entreating me. It is going to be so frustrating to have your prick locked up in that chastity, pressing against those bars. Your member is going to swell in there, pushing and hoping that it can come out and play.
- Elena De Luca

Stern Mistress Elena De Luca requires obedience

Elena White

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Mistress Elena De Luca enjoys herself as she is denying any possibly of her slave joining her on her big bed. This stunning woman in an erotic outfit can really make a fellow feel her dominant side.
Welcome to my bedroom. Isn't it hard being so close to something but knowing that you will never actually be here? It must be so difficult knowing that you will never be good enough to be in this bed. You are never going to be able to earn your way to this bed where I fuck my lover and sleep naked every night. Only real men who I treat with respect are allowed in here and not pathetic slave boys like you.
You can by my affection all you want, but you will never enter this room. This glimpse is the best you will ever see of it. I hope you understand this and I hope it hurts deep down inside. You are never going to be allowed to smell these sheets and to lie on these pillows. You can only peak from the outside, as a voyeur, where I do my dirtiest things.
- Elena De Luca

No more cock jerking for you boy

Elena de Luca Chastity Trainer Brunette Bedroom Porn Tube Video

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Elena de Luca knows that you have a problem. Too bad for you that the solution is to lock your dick up in chastity until you can learn to behave yourself.
So, about this chastity training. You have a big problem with jerking off, and I intend to make sure that we get to the bottom of it so that I can trust you as a slave to not do anything silly. Let's not beat around the bush here: every single day at the office you're in the toilets wanking off multiple times a day. That's not something that we can really have happening forever now, is it?
You must have me confused with a boss that is going to allow you to do that. Newsflash you little slut: that is not the case. From this day forward, I will be putting in hard work to ensure that you, my slave, will not be jerking that cock of yours again. The solution is simple - this chastity device will be going on your dick and I will have the keys. That's right, no more access to that silly dick of yours.
- Elena de Luca

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