We are going to tease your caged cock so hard

Nikki Brooks Stacy Burke Chastity Bedroom Big Ass Big Tits Video Blonde Tube Porn Lingerie Panties POV

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Nikki and Stacy are pretty annoyed that you're always walking around with that pathetic erection of yours. Prepare yourself for a cock clamp - you're in chastity now.
Don't for a second think that we're going to let you carry on like this. You're late, and this is the final straw that has made us decide to lock you up together. This metal clamp is going to go around your cock and you won't be able to escape its control. No one is going to be getting out of this chastity device without the key, and boy, we're the ones with that little piece of freedom.
We're going to get you some stripper action later on and pay them lots of money to give you a good old time. Naturally, the fact that you're locked up under our control means that you can't do a thing to act upon that stupid dick. Your cock is going to be begging for mercy, but it's never going to come. You will be in eternal chastity from now on, slave boy.
- Nikki Brooks & Stacy Burke

I now have complete control of your little dick

Chastity Trainer Alura Jenson Big Tits Blonde Bedroom Porn Video Tube

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Boy, you're in some real deep trouble. Alura Jenson is tired of your shit and she's going to make sure that you face the music with a form of chastised punishment.
No, don't you dare call me honey or try to pretend like this isn't a big deal. I saw what you were doing and there's nothing you can do to explain yourself. Look, if you're going to masturbate and spy on the next door neighbor, I'm just going to have to make sure that you can never touch your cock again.
You have to stop whether you like it or not. I'm not having you going to jail and losing your job and your house over some sexual fantasy you have for the busty babe next door. You're my man, which is why I'm locking you up with a chastity device. I will be in complete control of your dick twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
- Alura Jenson

Taylor and Dre inflict blissful agony on you

Chastitytrainer presents: Taylor Raz & Dre

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Taylor Raz and Dre really enjoy teasing a fellow with their nice bodies while he is locked away in a chastity device. These two sexy blondes know all the right moves to make a slave's balls turn blue.
We have a special treat for you. We are just going to hold on to this key and decide what we are going to do with it. Don't you feel a bit tight in that chastity? All that pressure on your head. You will not be able to get hard while you have that thing around your prick. What would happen if the two of us started playing with our bodies as you watch? Or maybe we start being frisky with each other, that is also an option.
We bet you are getting nice and tight in that little cage of yours. It looks like your dong is about to explode. That chastity is unbreakable so you are stuck in it for a while. And, um, we think we lost the key. You will even have to pee in that device. What a shame. Maybe you can reach between the cracks with your fingers and rub your prick a bit.
- Taylor Raz & Dre

Your cock needs punishment and I will provide

Kandii Kiss Bedroom Chastity Trainer Big Tits Porn Blonde Video Fishnets Tube POV

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You're in a lot of trouble you stupid, stupid boy. Kandii caught you sniffing her panties and now it's time to pay the price with chastity.
You're so stupid to think that I wouldn't find out. I mean, I have cameras all over my house to make sure you don't steal anything when cleaning up - so I know full well that you go through my dirty laundry and sniff my panties. Now I was going to keep this to myself, but I think you need to learn that there are certain activities you simply can't do.
I've invested in a cock clamp for you: it's the perfect way for us to ensure that there are no future issues with you going through my clothes and jerking off while you smell them. It's basic chastity, but it will work a treat because I'm the one with the key to your freedom. Oh, and if you think I'm going to let you out when you leave for the day - you're mistaken. That cock is mine at all times from now on.
- Kandii Kiss

Your cock will have no pleasure on my watch

Carmen Valentina Chastity Trainer Brunette Porn POV Video Tube

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Carmen Valentina knows that you're horny, but if you think that means a free orgasm, think again. This sadistic mistress wants you locked up on chastity.
I'm not going to let you get horny, because I'm sick and tired of wasting my time on a pathetic little man like you. Here, this chastity device is going to make sure that you're locked up and unable to please anyone at all - not that you were doing much pleasuring in the first place. We both know the only person you've ever got to cum is yourself.
Your cock is going to feel so horrible when it's pulsating inside that device, not able to grow, not able to do anything, really. I get that you think it's extreme, but for someone as submissive as you, it's not like you have much of a choice. So, how about you stop talking and get this piece of plastic wrapped around your dick as soon as possible?
- Carmen Valentina

Olivia Rose needs to see you in a chastity device

Sexy blonde Olivia Rose

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Mean blonde Olivia Rose wants to make sure that her lover's cock is nobody else's but hers so she decided to put that boner in a chastity device. This chick really loves to show off her dominant side.
I know that you have planned a nice evening for us but before we do I have a surprise for you. See, I got this nifty device so when you take me out on our date, I will make sure you don't get hard. I will really know that I own you and I am going to keep the key. You will do this for me, right? You will lock yourself up for me while we are out on our dinner and the movies.
Slide this chastity right on since I can tell that you want me to own you. If you are good and this date goes well, maybe I will let you out. I am the owner of your cock no matter where you go. I just want to prove to you that his dick is mine and no one else's. I only want that prick to be hard for me. You are going to wear this device for as long as I want, my good little date.
- Olivia Rose

Kinky Mistress Samantha Grace teaches you a lesson

Samantha Grace is your chastity trainer

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Samantha Grace wants to teach a horny guy a lesson. Since he did not obey her rules this stunning mistress wants to lock up her slave just so he could learn a lesson about following her norms.
I have some tasks for you today. The first one would be to put on this chastity device. I know it looks scary buy I will need you to put your prick in it because you have been a bad boy. I found your panties and there were cum stains on them. And you promised me that if I did not put on this device on you over night you would not cum. You have broken that promise and you need to be punished.
If I put this chastity on you, you better follow every task I give you because if you don't, I will never let you out again. You will be completely in my faith, just stuck in this chastity like a pathetic little worm. The longest that I have put someone in this device was for three months. Are you ready for such a commitment?
- Samantha Grace

We’re Going to lock your useless cock away

Chastity Trainer Taylor Danica Logan Raz Blonde Brunette Big Tits Porn Video Tube

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You know when there are two mistresses taking control of you, trouble's brewing. Taylor Raz and Danica Logan plan for some chastity training on your useless cock.
We've got you locked up in chastity, which means that if you don't behave, we'll never let you get out. See this key? I'm going to swallow it! So now, no matter how hard you try to satisfy our needs, we can't even let you out of that chastity device! Oh no, that's going to be so problematic. Only joking, we couldn't care less. The longer you're in chastity, the better.
What do you think of our feet? Oh, don't bother trying to speak while you're looking at them. We know you have a huge foot fetish and we're going to do everything in our power to turn you on as much as possible while you're locked up. Isn't that just going to be hellish for you? A face full of dominatrix feet with no access to your cock in order to blow a load. Poor slave!
- Taylor Raz & Danica Logan

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