Your cock will have no pleasure on my watch

Carmen Valentina Chastity Trainer Brunette Porn POV Video Tube

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Carmen Valentina knows that you're horny, but if you think that means a free orgasm, think again. This sadistic mistress wants you locked up on chastity.
I'm not going to let you get horny, because I'm sick and tired of wasting my time on a pathetic little man like you. Here, this chastity device is going to make sure that you're locked up and unable to please anyone at all - not that you were doing much pleasuring in the first place. We both know the only person you've ever got to cum is yourself.
Your cock is going to feel so horrible when it's pulsating inside that device, not able to grow, not able to do anything, really. I get that you think it's extreme, but for someone as submissive as you, it's not like you have much of a choice. So, how about you stop talking and get this piece of plastic wrapped around your dick as soon as possible?
- Carmen Valentina

I want that little cock to beg for freedom

Video Catherine Foxx Chastity Trainer Porn Redhead Tube  Big Tits

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Catherine Foxx has had you in chastity for quite some time. If you play your cards right, she might just let you out of that device for a little play time.
Look who has the key! That's right, me. It's in my hand, and it's only a few feet away from your device and the complete freedom of your pathetic cock. I bet you want to get out, don't you? It has been close to two months now since I locked you up. I might get you to come out of it for maintenance.
Yeah, I want you to lick that chastity device clean. What do you think about being let out of your cage? I know how badly you want it, and the fact that you're just begging me makes it so much hotter that I can deny you without a care in the world. It must feel pretty bad to have this beautiful woman before you controlled under lock and key. Chastity is a bitch, right?
- Catherine Foxx

Miss Tiffany locks you in a metal chastity device presents: Miss Tiffany

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Petite brunette Miss Tiffany has decided that her slave needs a bit of time to cool off from his fapping sessions so she got a cute cage for his boner. She is going to lock him up just to show him there are other activities in life.
It's like 3 p.m. and this is what, the sixth time you have jerked off today? You cannot keep your hands off your dick for one minute! I bet you are wondering what this that I am holding is. Well, since your area compulsive wanker, I decided to help you with your problem. I am going to lock you up in this chastity.
I am of an opinion that a normal guy should jerk off maybe a third of the amount that you do so you should view this as a kind of rehab. And think about all the time you will save. You will have an opportunity to do so many other things in your life. You may actually be a productive member of society. Think about that while you are masturbating for the last time before you get locked away. I know that you will try to play with your cock while it is in this device, but it will be impossible.
- Miss Tiffany

Your cock’s getting locked up until I’m satisfied

Chastity Trainer Brunette Foot Fetish Bedroom Porn Video Tube

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January Seraph has the key to your freedom and you can bet your bottom dollar it isn't going to be easy to get it. Can you handle being locked up in chastity for any longer?
Do you know what that is on my toe? Yeah, you bet - that's the key to your cock's freedom. That little pecker of yours could be open to sexual pleasure in a matter of seconds if I were so inclined to let it be. Too bad for you that your efforts as a slave haven't been quite up to standard.
I just want you to imagine for a few seconds what it would be like if I came over to that cock of yours and slid the key into the lock to free your dick. The pleasure that would rush through your body as the shaft was open to a world where it's capable of getting hard. Too bad you're not going to actually experience that sexual bliss!
- January Seraph

Your cock is trapped and I have the key

Chastity Trainer Bossy Delilah  Porn Tube Video Brunette

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Bossy Delilah describes this as being your lucky day. For most slaves, this can only mean one thing - permanent chastity by the most evil mistress around.
Today is your very lucky day, because we're going to be committed to one another for life. See, your commitment to me is going to involve you being locked up in this little plastic cage. Once the lock is fastened, I'm going to take the key and ensure that only I control what happens to your cock.
I know how much you love me, and I really want to see how far I can push my powers. You've always said that you would do anything to make me happy, which is why I need to make sure you're locked up. From this day onward, your cock is controlled by no one but me. It comes out when I say, it's touched when I say. Though to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I'd ever find a reason to take this off.
- Bossy Deliah

Once I put this on it never comes off

Chastity Trainer Sadie Holmes Bedroom Porn Video Tube Brunette

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Sadie Holmes knows how much of a bad boy you are. She simply cannot trust you not to get in trouble with your sad, pathetic cock.
I got this chastity device for you because I cannot trust that you're not going to do something stupid with that tiny dick of yours. You're going to have to wear this all the time, you realize that, right? You'll have to get into the shower with it, go to work with it, even sleep in it.
There's only one person on the planet that is able to take this off, and it's me. I have the key that will free you from the bonds of your chastity. So get your dick out and say goodnight: this little guy is not going to be seen by anyone apart from me every again. However, I really must warn you, it's likely not going to happen all that much!
- Sadie Holmes

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