Your cock’s freedom comes to an end today

Penny Barber Bedroom Chastity Big Ass Big Tits Brunette Tube POV Porn Topless Video

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Penny Barber's latest project is you, and she's recently developed a love for men in chastity. Put two and two together, slave boy: you're getting locked up.
Do you know what time it is, slave? Well, I'll give you a hint: we're not going out to dinner! Yeah, that's right, it's time for your cock to be locked up in chastity. I've had enough of you walking around with your sexual freedom. A guy like you deserves to be under my control, which is why I'm going to put this on your pathetic dick and make sure you never get to touch it again.
We're going to stop calling it 'your cock' as soon as it goes on too. From now on, it's known as my cock. After all, I have the key to its freedom, so why would we pretend you own it in any way, shape or form? I think my cock just looks better in chastity, to be honest. So you stay right there and brace yourself for a lifetime under my control.
- Penny Barber

Cruel Mistress Austin locks up your cock

Austin Lynn from Chastity Trainer

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Naughty Austin Lynn has a kinky plan for her slave. Since he was a bad boy this stunning brunette decided to lock his cock up in a chastity which will prevent him from getting hard while enjoying that formidable body.
Are you going to let me put that dick of yours in this chastity? I will get you hard and lock you up. And then I am going to hold the key. Your love tool is not going to go anywhere while it is in this chastity device. I know that my nice legs and this amazing body is getting you all excited but you cannot do anything about it while the blood is pulsating in your boner.
I am really enjoying myself watching you not being able to do anything about getting horny. I will take this tiny key and throw it in the garbage and you will be locked in this device forever. I mean, what anyone would want to do with that little penis of yours so there is not waste in your being locked up like this chastity.
- Austin Lynn

I am your mistress so I have control of your cock

Chastity Trainer Tube Porn Topless Asia Perez Bedroom Video

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Asia Perez doesn't think that you're taking her seriously. Too bad for you, because that chastity device is going to be put on your pathetic cock whether you like it or not.
Do you know what this is? Then why are you not taking me seriously in the slightest? I am your mistress, and that means that whatever I want, I get. That pathetic little cock of yours is going to be mine forever once I'm through putting this chastity device on it. I can't wait to have complete control over your dick so that no one else can ever use it again.
This thing is going to make sure that you're soft forever. No more intrusive thoughts when you see women during your weekly shop. No disgusting desires every time that secretary steps into your office. I'm going to be the only person with access to your cock and let me tell you now: it's not going to be let out of its cage any time soon.
- Asia Perez

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