Mistress Asia punishes a guy with a chastity device

Chastitytrainer.com presents Asia Perez

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Rough Mistress Asia Perez can be really mean when it comes to disobeying her rules. This babe wants to make sure that her slave knows who is in charge in their relationship so she is holding the key to his restrictive device.
Well look what we have here. I bet you are looking for this key since you are all tied up in that petite chastity. You want out, don't you? Yes, I have the key but I am not going to let you out. You do not deserve to be free since this is your punishment. I like the fact of you being confined.
Oh, no! You will not get a hold of this key. And just for trying, you earned one more day in your cage. Why do you have to fight me on everything? That is what got you in this situation in the first place. You are my little slave, and when I say that you are not going to play with your cock, you are not going to play with it. These things happen when you don't listen to your queen's orders.
- Asia Perez

Miss Tiffany locks you in a metal chastity device

Chastitytrainer.com presents: Miss Tiffany

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Petite brunette Miss Tiffany has decided that her slave needs a bit of time to cool off from his fapping sessions so she got a cute cage for his boner. She is going to lock him up just to show him there are other activities in life.
It's like 3 p.m. and this is what, the sixth time you have jerked off today? You cannot keep your hands off your dick for one minute! I bet you are wondering what this that I am holding is. Well, since your area compulsive wanker, I decided to help you with your problem. I am going to lock you up in this chastity.
I am of an opinion that a normal guy should jerk off maybe a third of the amount that you do so you should view this as a kind of rehab. And think about all the time you will save. You will have an opportunity to do so many other things in your life. You may actually be a productive member of society. Think about that while you are masturbating for the last time before you get locked away. I know that you will try to play with your cock while it is in this device, but it will be impossible.
- Miss Tiffany

Kinky Mistress Samantha Grace teaches you a lesson

Samantha Grace is your chastity trainer

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Samantha Grace wants to teach a horny guy a lesson. Since he did not obey her rules this stunning mistress wants to lock up her slave just so he could learn a lesson about following her norms.
I have some tasks for you today. The first one would be to put on this chastity device. I know it looks scary buy I will need you to put your prick in it because you have been a bad boy. I found your panties and there were cum stains on them. And you promised me that if I did not put on this device on you over night you would not cum. You have broken that promise and you need to be punished.
If I put this chastity on you, you better follow every task I give you because if you don't, I will never let you out again. You will be completely in my faith, just stuck in this chastity like a pathetic little worm. The longest that I have put someone in this device was for three months. Are you ready for such a commitment?
- Samantha Grace

Mistress Elena makes a guy put on a chastity device

Elena De Luca is your chastity trainer

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There is nothing sexy Mistress Elena De Luca will not do to make her slave learn a few lessons on how to be a good boy. This time, the big breasted chick decided to lock up his prick in a chastity cage.
Welcome to my dungeon. This is where you are going to be living from now on and spend your days waiting for me to pay some attention to you. If you thought that you were going to have some sexy fun here, think again. You are not going to have sex anymore since I am going to lock your dick in a tiny cage. You will have to beg and plead whenever you want to masturbate and it will be entirely up to my discretion.
If you ever get the opportunity to cum again, I am going to hold on to the key and you will not be able to have an erection or enjoy your boner in any way. When I do decide to let you out, it will be because of my pleasure and you entreating me. It is going to be so frustrating to have your prick locked up in that chastity, pressing against those bars. Your member is going to swell in there, pushing and hoping that it can come out and play.
- Elena De Luca

Your cock is trapped and I have the key

Chastity Trainer Bossy Delilah  Porn Tube Video Brunette

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Bossy Delilah describes this as being your lucky day. For most slaves, this can only mean one thing - permanent chastity by the most evil mistress around.
Today is your very lucky day, because we're going to be committed to one another for life. See, your commitment to me is going to involve you being locked up in this little plastic cage. Once the lock is fastened, I'm going to take the key and ensure that only I control what happens to your cock.
I know how much you love me, and I really want to see how far I can push my powers. You've always said that you would do anything to make me happy, which is why I need to make sure you're locked up. From this day onward, your cock is controlled by no one but me. It comes out when I say, it's touched when I say. Though to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I'd ever find a reason to take this off.
- Bossy Deliah

Your cock is going nowhere

Miss Tiffany Chastity Trainer Bedroom Brunette Porn Tube Video

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The mistress you answer to is called Miss Tiffany, and she has absolutely no respect for you as a human. Today, she's decided to lock you up and keep you pinned down for good.
You know what? Losers like you don't deserve to cum. They honestly don't. You have absolutely no right to orgasm freely. Your cock is pathetic, and you need to be taught a lesson in self control. I mean, if I had my way, everyone with a tiny little cock would have it locked away. You're pathetic and no woman is ever going to be happy with what you have to offer.
Your cock is going nowhere and you won't be able to touch it when it's locked up. You absolutely disgust me with your small cock and your inability to please women. A dominatrix such as myself should not even have to see you. I think we both know that chastity is the way to go. You're never going to put that dick to good use, so let's lock it up and throw away the key.
- Miss Tiffany

Access to your cock is denied until I say so

Miss Tiffany Chastity Trainer Porn Brunette Small Tits Video Tube Bedroom

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The dominatrix known as Miss Tiffany has complete control of your dick. Today, she's going to put it under lock and key to make sure it stays that way.
Do you know why I love these tiny little keys so much? It's because they're going to keep your tiny little cock locked up for a very long time. You can't do anything to stop me either. Under my chastity, you will no longer be able to touch yourself, get erect or have sex with anyone. Although to be fair, it's not like a pathetic man like you was getting any action in the first place.
Being in this chastity device around me is going to totally suck. You see, I have such an amazing body that you'll want to get it out in an instant and start to masturbate. It's going to be complete hell thinking about how much you would cum if you could just gain access to your cock. Of course, it's under my authority now, which means it only comes out when I want it to.
- Miss Tiffany

I’ve got a way to finally control you

Chastity Trainer Blonde Bikini Tube Porn Video

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Whitney Morgan is sick and tired of you not being able to control yourself when you're on the Internet. That's why she got her hands on a chastity device to lock your dick up for good.
Look, I've absolutely had it with you going online and looking at all the pornography you can find. The things you beat off to are disgusting - so I'm going to take matters into my own hands to ensure that it doesn't happen again. We've discussed it in the past and my warnings have been futile. So, that can only mean one thing - you're getting locked up for good.
Beg and plead all you want, it's not going to make a difference in the slightest. Your dick is pathetic and you're wasting so much of your day beating off to pornography. I need you to understand from now on that you have no control over your cock. It is owned by me and whatever I want to do with it, I will. We're going to start with chastity, and believe me - this device is going to stay on for a very long time until you learn your lesson.
- Whitney Morgan

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