I’m going to put a stop to you playing with yourself

Ashley Sinclair playing with a chastity device

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This mistress thinks that you have an addiction to jerking off and she's going to punish you for it. Get ready for some dominatrix chastity control!
Be honest with me: how many times a day do you stroke that little cock of yours? It's just ridiculous how much time you waste playing with yourself. I know that you're not getting any sex, but does that really give you the right to play with yourself all day? I don't think so, and quite frankly: I'm sick off it. This is an intervention, slave.
See this plastic device? Well it's going to be locked around your little cock. It's a cage so that you can't touch yourself. Oh, and the key that I'm holding is going to stay mine forever. I will be in complete control of your cock and there's not a single thing that you can do about it. You better get used to it, because I'm going to make your life in chastity a living hell.
- Ashley Sinclair

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