Cruel Mistress Austin locks up your cock

Austin Lynn from Chastity Trainer

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Naughty Austin Lynn has a kinky plan for her slave. Since he was a bad boy this stunning brunette decided to lock his cock up in a chastity which will prevent him from getting hard while enjoying that formidable body.
Are you going to let me put that dick of yours in this chastity? I will get you hard and lock you up. And then I am going to hold the key. Your love tool is not going to go anywhere while it is in this chastity device. I know that my nice legs and this amazing body is getting you all excited but you cannot do anything about it while the blood is pulsating in your boner.
I am really enjoying myself watching you not being able to do anything about getting horny. I will take this tiny key and throw it in the garbage and you will be locked in this device forever. I mean, what anyone would want to do with that little penis of yours so there is not waste in your being locked up like this chastity.
- Austin Lynn

This steel cock cage will put you in your place

Jean Bardot Chastity Trainer Bedroom Video Big Tits Tube Brunette Porn POV

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Jean Bardot has a super special gift for you today. She's knows you're not going to like chastity, but it's a requirement for your complete submission.
Every man around me needs to realize that I'm just sick and tired of them jerking off. I like to have complete and utter control over the men that I deal with: that's why you're going to put this cock cage on and be mine forever. It's such a beautiful cage too - the noise that the metal makes as the two pieces clang together is perfect.
As soon as you're locked up, you're going to do exactly as I say or else, I'll just chuck away the keys. I can't really think of a reason why we'd ever want to let you out, so why would we even bother making it a potential reality? No, you're going to stay in chastity forever - a man needs to learn his place before a goddess like me, and you will see just how sadistic I can be.
- Jean Bardot

Your cock will have no pleasure on my watch

Carmen Valentina Chastity Trainer Brunette Porn POV Video Tube

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Carmen Valentina knows that you're horny, but if you think that means a free orgasm, think again. This sadistic mistress wants you locked up on chastity.
I'm not going to let you get horny, because I'm sick and tired of wasting my time on a pathetic little man like you. Here, this chastity device is going to make sure that you're locked up and unable to please anyone at all - not that you were doing much pleasuring in the first place. We both know the only person you've ever got to cum is yourself.
Your cock is going to feel so horrible when it's pulsating inside that device, not able to grow, not able to do anything, really. I get that you think it's extreme, but for someone as submissive as you, it's not like you have much of a choice. So, how about you stop talking and get this piece of plastic wrapped around your dick as soon as possible?
- Carmen Valentina

It is time for your little dick to get locked up

A chastity trainer video with Miss Tiffany

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Because the cute Miss Tiffany wants to play a kinky game with her guy, she got a see-through chasity device. It will prevent her hunk from getting hard and playing with his boner.
I thought that we could try something new so I went to the store today and I got us a toy! I know it looks like it is just for you, but trust me I will have a lot of fun as well. This is a little chastity device. I mean, they had bigger ones but this one will suit you. What you are going to do is take off your pants and put your little prick right in it. While it is soft, of course.
And then, I am going to lock it up with this key which will stay with me. That would be the game. If you are asking whether we are going to have sex, the answer is no because you will not be able to get hard for me, not until I decide to unlock the chastity. This means while you are wearing this, you pretty much have to do as I tell you.
- Miss Tiffany

One last chance to cum before I lock you up

Alexis Grace Chastity Trainer Lingerie Brunette Porn Video Tube Big Tits Lingerie

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Alexis Grace feels like you haven't done enough to be free from chastity, although she will allow you this one last orgasm as a goodbye present to your pathetic cock.
I want you to get your dick out so that I can make you cum one last time. As my slave, you have to understand that I am in complete control, and you NEVER go against what I say. Let this serve as a lesson to the power and influence that I have over you. It's important to me that all of my slaves are kept in line.
You're going to be locked up for good, so you better make this orgasm count. Go on, cum for me and make sure that you remember how it feels. I doubt that you'll be able to enjoy an orgasm for a very long time. You're about to get locked away and I'll probably just throw away the key. No one really needs your dick anyway, so who's losing out at the end of the day?
- Alexis Grace

I want that little cock to beg for freedom

Video Catherine Foxx Chastity Trainer Porn Redhead Tube  Big Tits

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Catherine Foxx has had you in chastity for quite some time. If you play your cards right, she might just let you out of that device for a little play time.
Look who has the key! That's right, me. It's in my hand, and it's only a few feet away from your device and the complete freedom of your pathetic cock. I bet you want to get out, don't you? It has been close to two months now since I locked you up. I might get you to come out of it for maintenance.
Yeah, I want you to lick that chastity device clean. What do you think about being let out of your cage? I know how badly you want it, and the fact that you're just begging me makes it so much hotter that I can deny you without a care in the world. It must feel pretty bad to have this beautiful woman before you controlled under lock and key. Chastity is a bitch, right?
- Catherine Foxx

Olivia Rose needs to see you in a chastity device

Sexy blonde Olivia Rose

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Mean blonde Olivia Rose wants to make sure that her lover's cock is nobody else's but hers so she decided to put that boner in a chastity device. This chick really loves to show off her dominant side.
I know that you have planned a nice evening for us but before we do I have a surprise for you. See, I got this nifty device so when you take me out on our date, I will make sure you don't get hard. I will really know that I own you and I am going to keep the key. You will do this for me, right? You will lock yourself up for me while we are out on our dinner and the movies.
Slide this chastity right on since I can tell that you want me to own you. If you are good and this date goes well, maybe I will let you out. I am the owner of your cock no matter where you go. I just want to prove to you that his dick is mine and no one else's. I only want that prick to be hard for me. You are going to wear this device for as long as I want, my good little date.
- Olivia Rose

That cock stays locked up until you can behave

Asia Perez Chastity Trainer Bikini Porn Video Tube

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Gorgeous Asian mistress Asia Perez is going to get you all locked up like a chastised loser. Is it possible that a freak like you could get any more submissive?
Hey loser. You know what this is, don't you? That's right. You've been a really, really bad boy and I think you need to be locked away for a while in order to think about what you've done. As your mistress, it's important for me to keep you chastised so that you learn to behave yourself.
I think I'm actually just going to throw this key away. You deserve to be in a cage for eternity like the sad, pathetic slave you are. I mean really - what am I going to do with your dick? It's useless to me, and you can damn well bet that I'm not going to let you touch yourself. We both know that when that happens, you don't obey your mistress quite like you should.
- Asia Perez

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